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The All of Us Research Program Office is located in the NIH Office of the Director.  The NIH established independent advisory groups comprised of members who have deep and diverse expertise to advise on the All of Us Research Program. 

NIH Staff

The All of Us Research team is part of a new and growing program with an evolving role and purpose, each reporting to the All of Us Director. 

All of Us Research Program Advisory Panel

This advisory panel is a working group of the NIH Council of Councils and was convened to provide external oversight and expert advice on the vision, scientific goals, and operations of the All of Us Research Program.

PMI Working Group of the Advisory Committee to the Director

Established in March 2015, the ACD Working Group on the Precision Medicine Initiative was charged with developing a framework for creating and managing a large research cohort to understand the variables that contribute to health and disease. On September 17, 2015, the PMI Working Group fulfilled its charge by delivering to the ACD a report that provides a framework for building a national research program of one million or more U.S. volunteers.