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Michael Stokes

Michael Stokes is an NCI-designated Presidential Management Fellow–Science-tracked Presidential Management Fellow (STEM) on rotation with the All of Us Research Program. He is working with James McClain and Joni Rutter across the program, including protocol development, operations, collaboration, and innovation. In previous rotations, Michael has worked in scientific program development at the international level with the NCI Center for Global Health and nationally with the NCI Community Oncology Research Program. Before coming to the NIH, Michael worked on the research and development side of the biomedical science enterprise. Most recently, he was at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center developing early-stage epigenetic-modulating small molecule drugs. Prior to that, Michael spent some time in San Francisco with Genentech in Toxicology and Risk Assessment, with a focus on developing predictive computational genotoxicity models. He is forever seeking the best nachos outside of California.

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