All of Us Assembles Cross-Cutting Team to Support Coordination Across NIH

July 24, 2017

From its very beginning, the All of Us Research Program has benefited from the insights of colleagues across NIH, who have helped shape the program and envision future possibilities. In this way, All of Us is very much an NIH-wide initiative that transcends disciplinary boundaries.

In an effort to keep a good thing going and expand on this opportunity, we recently established the Trans-NIH Liaisons Coordinating Team to foster continued input and information-sharing. This group is comprised of scientific leaders from across our institutes and centers who represent many different clinical backgrounds and research perspectives. They provide scientific expertise, share lessons from other large research programs, and suggest areas of potential collaboration. Currently, the team is planning a large, multi-day workshop for next spring that will involve a diverse mix of researchers and other partners to help inform the scientific priorities for the program in the near and long term.

We are grateful for the contributions of this group—and of the institute and center directors whom we regularly consult, as we work together to build a resource that offers value to our participants and the many research communities we serve.



Stephanie Devaney, Ph.D.
Deputy Director
All of Us Research Program