National Network of Libraries of Medicine Releases New Resources to Promote Digital Literacy

June 3, 2020

All of Us Partner Aims to Help Public Access Health Information Online and Participate in Program

The All of Us Research Program and the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NNLM) are continuing partnership efforts to promote the importance of digital health literacy among public libraries across the country.

All of Us and NNLM have developed new resources to help community members expand their digital health literacy skills. These resources will teach people how to find and validate health information online and how to apply that knowledge to address specific health problems. The newly developed suite of resources includes a curriculum guide for libraries and a series of online modules for the public.  The online modules, called “Learn Internet Skills,” are available in both English and Spanish.

As a digital-based research program, All of Us recognizes the important role that public libraries play in helping community members successfully access information online. These resources will help the public gain useful skills to navigate the vast array of information, both factual and false, on the internet.

For more information and links to these resources, please visit

Read NNLM’s full announcement for additional information.