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The Dish | El Programa Científico All of Us ya esta disponbile en español (2:06)

Es un placer para nosotros anunciar que el Programa Científico All of Us ya esta disponbile en español. Usted puede aprender más sobre el programa y hacer preguntas a través de nuestro centro de apoyo - puede hacer todo esto en español.

Visite el sitio/página de internet en español:

We are so pleased to announce that the All of Us Research Program is now available in Spanish. You can now learn about the program and ask questions through our Support Center – all in Spanish. 

Visit the website in Spanish at

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Mar 29, 2018

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All of Us Research Priorities Workshop

This workshop will identify key research priorities and requirements (i.e., types of data, methods, and how those methods are used) for the All of Us Research Program. The general assembly portions of the workshop can be viewed live or after the meeting at the videocast link below.

Mar 21, 2018 - Mar 23, 2018

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Day 1: View the Videocast

Day 2: View the Videocast

Day 3: View the Videocast

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The Dish | Update on All of Us’s Genomics Plan (5:20)

Eric Dishman, director of the All of Us Research Program, gives an update about the program’s genomics strategy. All of Us recently announced its intent to fund Genome Centers to do genotyping and whole genome sequencing for 1 million participants. The program will also be launching a pilot to responsibly return genomic data to participants. 

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Mar 21, 2018

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Answers to patients’ top 5 questions on All of Us Research Program

All of Us and the American Medical Association teamed up to help doctors answer some of patients’ top questions about participating in the program.

Feb 26, 2018

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Medical Researchers Look to Enlist Patients as Partners

This article from The Wall Street Journal highlights All of Us and other research programs working to transform research participants’ roles from subjects to partners. (Subscription required)

Feb 25, 2018

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National Launch of Landmark All of Us Study Set for Spring; Portal for Researchers to Follow

This update in the Report on Research Compliance introduces the All of Us Research Program, its plans, its goals, and its progress as the program moves rapidly toward national launch. Read the article.

Feb 02, 2018

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NIH Preps National Launch of “All of Us” Precision Medicine Biobank

A recent article in HealthIT Analytics enumerates recent advances and progress for the All of Us Research Program as it moves toward national launch.

Feb 01, 2018

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Medical Research and Development Issues to Watch for in 2018

Health Affairs writes that the All of Us Research Program “has made remarkable progress in a short time, wrestling with challenging issues including privacy, security, trust, and return of results, which are central to creating a large-scale, people-centered health initiative.”

Jan 31, 2018

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What Does Personalized Medicine Really Mean?

U.S. News & World Report and All of Us director Eric Dishman explain how precision medicine can be used to select the right treatments, reduce side effects, and improve overall care.

Jan 26, 2018

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