Asian Health Coalition Joins All of Us Research Program to Support Community Engagement

October 4, 2018

The All of Us Research Program welcomes the Asian Health Coalition as its newest community engagement partner. In this role, the group will raise awareness about the program and the opportunity for diverse communities to participate in precision medicine research.

“Many research studies in the past included just a limited segment of our population, focusing on the ‘average’ person. But we’re all different, and our health care should be tailored to us as individuals,” said Eric Dishman, director of the All of Us Research Program. “We’re building a research program with people from all communities and walks of life, to help accelerate discoveries that benefit all of us.”

The Asian Health Coalition is a Chicago-based organization that works to improve the health and well-being of people throughout Illinois. In collaboration with All of Us, the Coalition will coordinate with other organizations around the country to reach Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders. It will train program ambassadors, lead community discussions, and provide input on All of Us engagement strategies and educational materials.

“We want this program to reflect the country’s diversity. Our partners are critical in this effort, giving voice to their communities’ unique needs and interests and encouraging people to take part,” said Dara Richardson-Heron, M.D., All of Us chief engagement officer.

“We are excited to create a national framework to understand how to increase participation and ensure inclusion of Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders as part of this transformative program,” said Fornessa T. Randal, executive director of the Asian Health Coalition.

The Coalition joins the growing ranks of more than 60 community engagement partners and champions nationwide that help spread the word about the All of Us Research Program. To learn more, visit our Communications and Engagement page.