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Researchers use All of Us data to study many different things about health. The program’s tiered data access model allows registered researchers to work with different data types, such as electronic health record data and genomic data, while also protecting participant privacy.  

Researchers provide these project descriptions. Any views expressed belong to those researchers. They do not represent the views of the All of Us Research Program. A directory is also available on the Research Hub.

If you have any concerns about a project, please open the project description and request a formal review.

All of Us offers tiered access to data

The Registered Tier gives researchers access to data from electronic health records, survey answers, physical measurements, and wearables like Fitbit devices. Registered Tier data is adjusted to lower the chance that a researcher could identify any one participant. For example, researchers cannot see a participant’s exact location, only the state where they live.

The Controlled Tier gives researchers access to the same data types available in the Registered Tier, as well as genomic data. This tier also includes more specific demographic data. For example, researchers can see the first three digits of participants’ ZIP codes. These data types are more personal than the ones available to researchers in the Registered Tier. Neither tier includes direct identifiers, such as participants’ names or addresses.

All of Us has many safeguards in place to protect participant privacy

Our rigorous security models, access requirements, and data use policies help ensure that data is protected and used ethically and responsibly. To access the Researcher Workbench’s Registered and Controlled Tiers, researchers must register with the program, verify their identity, take our Responsible Conduct of Research training, and agree to a code of conduct for responsible data use. They must also share what their project is and how they plan to use the data.

For more information about how All of Us protects the privacy and security of data shared by participants, visit our Privacy Safeguards page.

Last Reviewed: June 9, 2023