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The All of Us Research Program is building a dataset to help transform the future of health research by equipping researchers with expansive health data from diverse populations, especially those underrepresented in biomedical research. More than 3,930 health researchers are leveraging this one-of-a-kind dataset to improve understanding of health and disease, identify opportunities to reduce disparities, and enable more precise approaches to care.

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About the Research Hub
Benefits for Researchers

About the Research Hub

The All of Us Research Hub stores health data from a diverse group of participants from across the United States. Visit the Research Hub to:

  • Use the interactive Data Browser. The Data Browser provides interactive views of the publicly available All of Us Research Program participant data. Currently, participant-provided information, including data from surveys, wearables, physical measurements taken at the time of participant enrollment, and electronic health records (EHRs), are available.
  • View Data Snapshots. These aggregated, public-facing data snapshots provide an overview of All of Us Research Program participant characteristics and the types of data that the program collects from participants.
  • Read about All of Us data sources and methods of data curation.
  • Find information about privacy and security processes that help keep participant data safe.

The Research Hub also houses the Researcher Workbench platform and its suite of custom tools. The Workbench offers access to additional levels of data, workspaces, a cohort builder, and an interactive notebook environment. These tools are available to registered All of Us researchers. 

All of Us is a broad program that can support research on many aspects of health, not just a single medical or biological research question. 

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Benefits for Researchers

The All of Us Research Program’s centralized, secure, cloud-based platform allows researchers across a wide range of settings and institutions and at all stages of their careers (e.g., students, early-stage investigators) to execute rapid, hypothesis-driven research with just a computer and an Internet connection.

All of Us facilitates equity in access in a deliberately inclusive way, creating a demographically diverse researcher cohort.

Currently, any U.S.-based academic, nonprofit, or health care organization can enter the All of Us data use agreement as the first step of accessing the All of Us curated dataset.

All of Us data are curated into research datasets with tiered access through the Public, Registered, and Controlled Tiers.

Researcher Access to Genomic Data

Within the Controlled Tier dataset, data from nearly 100,000 whole genome sequences (WGSs) and more than 165,000 genotyping arrays are integrated alongside data from surveys, physical measurements, EHRs, and wearables. The data and tools are available only to registered researchers who have taken additional steps and training to access these data. Using these datasets, researchers have opportunities to:

  • Make associations through an integrated dataset by cross-referencing biologic data with data related to participants’ environment and life circumstances
  • Build upon the traditional longitudinal study model by layering dense, omic data from a large, diverse population
  • Come together with other researchers from different disciplines around project-specific data analysis (through collaborative workspaces, cohort-building tools, interactive notebooks, etc.)
  • Learn from sample cohorts for replicability and to help get started
  • Leverage innovations of other studies and cohorts

Learn more through the research projects and publications made possible by All of Us data and tools.

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Last Reviewed: August 19, 2022