Opportunities for Researchers

The All of Us Research Program will enable traditional and nontraditional researchers to learn from a community of one million or more participants, including many who haven’t taken part in health research before. The program’s large, diverse, and broadly accessible data resource can help answer many questions to help create a healthier future for all of us. 

About the Research Hub

The All of Us Research Hub is your gateway to participant data. Visit the Research Hub to:

  • Use the interactive Data Browser. The All of Us Research Program announced the beta release of the Data Browser in May 2019 to provide a first look at the data that participants are sharing for health research.
  • View Data Snapshots. Updated regularly, these snapshots provide visualizations of participant demographics, geographic distribution, and more.
  • Read about All of Us data sources and methods of data curation.
  • Find information about privacy and security processes that help keep participant data safe.

The Research Hub will also house the Workbench platform and its suite of custom tools. The Workbench will offer access to additional levels of data, workspaces, a cohort builder, and an interactive notebook environment. These tools are expected to be available in Spring 2020 to registered and approved All of Us researchers.

Possible areas of inquiry for researchers who register to use the Workbench include:

  • Developing ways to measure risk for diseases based on environmental exposures, genetic factors, and interactions between the two
  • Identifying genetic causes of individual differences in response to commonly used drugs (i.e., pharmacogenomics)
  • Discovering biological markers that indicate risk of developing common diseases
  • Using mobile health technologies to correlate activity, physiological measures, and environmental exposures with health outcomes
  • Developing new disease classifications
  • Creating a platform to enable trials of targeted therapies

Benefits for Researchers

All of Us offers two different access tiers: one for the general public and a second, restricted tier for registered researchers. Researchers have opportunities to:

  • Save time and resources and accelerate research breakthroughs by accessing:
    • A rich data resource, including biospecimens and increasingly robust electronic health records
    • A longitudinal dataset that will follow participants as they move, age, develop relationships, get sick, and try treatments
    • A diverse cohort of participants
    • Raw data and data that are already cleaned and curated
    • Robust computing and analytic tools to support complex data analyses in a secure data environment
    • A group of engaged participants who may be interested in participating in ancillary studies
  • Share workspaces and analyses with research partners and reviewers
  • Learn from the program’s pilots and experiments
  • Leverage innovations of other studies and cohorts

Learn more about what the All of Us Research Program is doing to work with researchers as partners

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