Intel and Google Cloud Team with All of Us Research Program

Intel joins the NIH All of Us Research Program in its historic effort to improve population health by making biomedical data from underrepresented groups available to COVID-19 researchers nationwide via the Researcher Workbench. “We appreciate Intel’s contribution of research credits and Google Cloud’s computing power to enable novel analysis of our dataset to drive greater understanding of COVID-19,” says Chris Lunt, chief technology officer of All of Us. Intel is committed to accelerating access to technology that can combat the current pandemic and enable scientific discovery. Support for NIH’s All of Us Research Program was provided in part by Intel’s Pandemic Response Technology Initiative. “We are excited to join Google and All of Us in offering compute for analyzing the most diverse health database in the world,” said Prashant Shah, global head of artificial intelligence for Health and Life Sciences at Intel. “The collection and availability of this data is essential to speed scientific research and discovery to not only fight COVID-19, but to also address health disparities in medical research for years to come.”

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