Anyone over the age of 18 who is living in the United States can join the All of Us Research Program, either directly through the website or through participating health care provider organizations. Children will be able to join in the future, potentially within the next 1-2 years.

After completing the consent process, participants will be asked to contribute information about their medical history and lifestyle. Participants may also be asked to have their physical measurements (blood pressure, height and weight, etc.) taken at a local enrollment center, or donate a blood and urine sample. Participants will have access to their study results, along with summarized data from across the program.


The All of Us Research Program is a highly interactive research model, with participants as partners in the development and implementation of the research and with significant representation in program governance and oversight. Through this dynamic community, researchers will be able to advance the information derived from the program into new knowledge, approaches, and treatments.

To be most effective, the All of Us Research Program is engaging a wide variety of partners across many different communities. To stay up to date on program developments and news, on this website.

The All of Us Research Program offers free downloadable materials to help community members spread the word about the program. See our community resources.