Scientific Opportunities

By enrolling one million or more volunteers, the All of Us Research Program will have the scale and scope to enable research for a wide range of diseases, both common and rare, as well as increase our understanding of healthy states. Additionally, a research program of this size will have the statistical power to detect associations between environmental and/or biological exposures and a wide variety of health outcomes. Among the scientific opportunities presented by All of Us is the ability to:

  • develop ways to measure risk for a range of diseases based on environmental exposures, genetic factors and interactions between the two;
  • identify the causes of individual differences in response to commonly used drugs (commonly referred to as pharmacogenomics);
  • discover biological markers that signal increased or decreased risk of developing common diseases;
  • use mobile health (mHealth) technologies to correlate activity, physiological measures and environmental exposures with health outcomes;
  • develop new disease classifications and relationships;
  • empower study participants with data and information to improve their own health; and
  • create a platform to enable trials of targeted therapies.

The All of Us Research Program is committed to engaging multiple sectors and forging strong partnerships with academic and other non-profit researchers, patient groups, and the private sector to capitalize on work already underway. The program will set the foundation for new ways of engaging research participants, sharing health data and information, and employing technology advances to mine the information for comprehensive results.