Institutional Review Board (IRB) of the All of Us Research Program

As a single IRB, the All of Us IRB is charged with reviewing the protocol, informed consent, and other participant-facing materials for the All of Us Research Program. The IRB follows the regulations and guidance of the Office for Human Research Protections for all studies, ensuring that the rights and welfare of research participants are overseen and protected uniformly. 

IRB 101

What is an IRB?

An IRB, or Institutional Review Board, is responsible for reviewing and approving research to ensure that the rights and welfare of human participants are protected.

What is a participant?

Federal regulations define a participant, or human subject, as “a living individual about whom an investigator (whether professional or student) conducting research obtains (1) data through intervention or interaction with the individual, or (2) identifiable private information.”

How does the All of Us IRB fit in with the All of Us Research Program?

Before the program could begin to recruit and enroll participants, the All of Us IRB had to approve the All of Us protocol and materials.

All of Us IRB Members

The All of Us IRB is composed of representatives with diverse backgrounds, expertise, and perspectives.

Contact the IRB

Toll-free in the U.S.: (844) 200-8990
Email us:

Members of the Institutional Review Board

Last Reviewed: July 16, 2021