All of Us Research Program Launches Research Hub Awareness Site

August 15, 2018

The All of Us Research Program has launched the first phase of the All of Us Research Hub. The site includes an overview of the data and tools that will be part of this biomedical resource, which will enable researchers to explore how lifestyle, environment, and genes contribute to individual health. It also provides detailed information about the program’s recent Research Priorities Workshop and related activities.

To date, almost 100,000 people have signed up to provide their health information, and almost 50,000 have completed the core protocol. This means that many millions of data points are being curated and cleaned so that researchers of all backgrounds can answer any number of research questions. Today is just the first step to providing the access and tools to enable this kind of research.

What comes next?

Later this year, the All of Us Research Program will begin beta testing a data browser for viewing aggregated information about the All of Us participant community, and analysis tools for approved researchers to query finer-grain data. In 2019, the program plans to make those tools and an initial curated data set more broadly available to the research community, with more data to come over time as All of Us continues to expand collection, curation, and processes for safely sharing information ranging from EHR data to surveys and digital health to genomic sequencing.

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