All of Us Research Program Advisory Panel

The All of Us Research Program advisory panel develops options and provides input and feedback to evaluate program activities. The All of Us Research Program CEO selects panel members for their insights into the diverse communities and scientific subject matter relevant to the goals of the All of Us Research Program. Any official recommendations of the panel will be reported to the NIH Council of Councils for further consideration. The Council of Councils will use the panel’s findings and recommendations to provide final recommendations to the All of Us CEO and the NIH director.

Specifically, the members of the panel may be asked to provide input or feedback on:

  1. The vision and direction of the All of Us Research Program
  2. The program's five-year goals and annual objectives and how they relate to the broader precision health ecosystem
  3. Current projects and programs supported by the All of Us Research Program

The panel will provide an evaluation of the progress of the All of Us Research Program at appropriate intervals to ensure that its vision has continued to adapt to the evolving landscape of research, clinical practice, and participant engagement.

As necessary, the panel may call upon special consultants, assemble ad hoc work groups, and convene conferences, workshops, and other activities.

Working Groups

The Child Enrollment Scientific Vision Working Group (CESVWG) was formed in 2017 to identify scientific goals that would be broadly enabled through the enrollment of children from diverse backgrounds into the All of Us Research Program.

The Genomics Working Group was formed in 2017 to identify options for the All of Us Research Program to consider as it develops a comprehensive genomics strategy. The group now convenes only as needed to assess progress and provide input on emerging issues.

The Tribal Collaboration Working Group will provide input on the inclusion of American Indian and Alaska Native populations in the program.

The Data Quality and Completeness Working Group (DQCWG) will provide guidance and methods for tracking data quality and completeness.

Members of the NIH Advisory Panel

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Last Reviewed: February 16, 2022