NIH All of Us Research Program Staff

The All of Us Research Program Office is located in the NIH Office of the Director and is responsible for the planning and operations of the program.


For staff contact information, search the NIH Enterprise Directory (NED). The NIH Enterprise Directory (NED) is an electronic directory of people who work at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Members of the NIH All of Us Research Program Leadership

NIH All of Us Research Program Staff

  • Josh Denny, Chief Executive Officer
  • John Chaffins, Senior Advisor to the CEO
  • Brian Florence, Director of Operations
  • Udit Banerjea, Business Strategy Analyst
  • Chris D'Achille, Biological Life Scientist
  • Kristin Harris, Biological Life Scientist
  • Kristen Kirkham, Administrative Officer
  • Brian Lubnow, Systems Engineer
  • Teresa McEachern, Program Coordinator
  • Susan N. Miller, Logistics Coordinator
  • Veronica Mitchell, Logistics Coordinator
  • Stephen C. Mockrin, Senior Advisor
  • Nancy Reid, Executive Assistant to the CEO
  • Mugdha Samant, Special Assistant to the CEO
  • D. Scott, Logistics Coordinator


Office of the Chief Operating Officer

  • Stephanie Devaney, Chief Operating Officer
  • Mary Boone, Director of Product
  • Angela Carrigan, Senior Advisor to the Chief Operating Officer
  • Holly DeWolf, Deputy Director of Product
  • John Horigan, IRB Activities and Protocol Compliance Team Lead
  • Allison Lea, Public Health Analyst
  • Beth Marshall, Executive Assistant


Chief of Staff


Office of Finance & Management

  • Justin Hentges, Chief Financial and Management Officer
  • Tim Barfield, Operations Team Lead
  • La'Meisha Bilington, Director of Awards Management
  • Aaron Condon, Director of Management
  • Ned Culhane, Strategic Relationships Team Lead
  • Hoa Thanh, Director of Budget
  • Blair Battle, Human Resources Liaison
  • John Bucheimer, OT Specialist
  • Tiffany Campbell, Recruiting Consultant
  • James Davis, Budget Analyst
  • Mary Ewusie-Monney, Program Analyst
  • Taylor Hawkins, Program Specialist
  • Matthew Heath-Mason, Legislative Analyst
  • Pamela Hepp, Operations Coordinator
  • Stephanie Jackson, Management Analyst
  • Philip McNair, Program Analyst
  • Tammy Rabinovich, Travel Program Specialist
  • Nicole Riddick, Management Analyst
  • Mark Rotariu, Senior Budget Analyst
  • Leigh Anne Schmidt, Program Analyst
  • Debra Sowell, OTA Specialist
  • Brenda Walker-Anderson, Program Assistant
  • Ajunae' Wells, Program Analyst
  • Lia Yahya, Program Analyst


Office of Policy

  • Katherine Blizinsky, Policy Director
  • Subhashini (Shubha) Chandrasekharan, Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications Lead
  • Sonya Jooma, Deputy Policy Director
  • Aleek Kahramanian, Policy Project Management Lead
  • Rosayma Lopez-Ramirez, Privacy Officer
  • Teresa McEachern, Program Coordinator
  • Jessica Reusch, Genomics Lead
  • Ericka Thomas, Participant Priorities Lead


Office of Innovation

  • Holly A. Garriock, Chief Cohort Development Officer
  • Mark Caulder, Biobank Program Director
  • Michelle R.J. Hamlet, HPO Enrollment Team Lead
  • Maria Lopez-Class, Health Care Provider Organization Program Director
  • Irene Prabhu Das, Program Director
  • Nicole McNeil Ford, Program Director
  • Anjene Addington, Program Officer, AoU Genome Centers
  • Olayiwola Ayodeji, Program Analyst
  • Michelle Clomax, Executive Assistant
  • Genevieve Ellsworth, Program Analyst
  • Christopher Foster, Management Analyst
  • Sarra Hedden, Program Officer for FQHCs
  • Amantha Linkie, Special Assistant
  • Allison Mandich, Scientific Program Specialist
  • Jen McNeal, Program Analyst
  • Sana Mian, Program Analyst
  • Karyn N. Onyeneho, Genomics Scientific Administrator
  • Cecelia Tamburro, Program Analyst
  • Roshedah Wallace, Regional Program Coordinator
  • Karriem Watson, Chief Engagement Officer
  • Angelica Alton, Engagement Specialist
  • Rubin Baskir, Engagement Specialist
  • Yong Crosby, Special Assistant
  • Ahmed Elmi, Program Officer, National Community Engagement Partners
  • Minnkyong Lee, Engagement Team Member
  • Toral Contractor, Acting Chief Experience Officer
  • Jon Kim, Director of Experience Analytics
  • Mollie Bates, Senior Product Design Strategist
  • Ayannah Buford, Product Design Strategist
  • Meag Doherty, Senior Product Design Strategist
  • Bryanna Ellis, Project Manager
  • Sara Kaplow-McClusky, Content Strategist/UX Writer
  • Danielle Moore, Senior Product Design Strategist
  • Asha Parham, Senior Design Researcher
  • Courtney Singleton, Executive Assistant
  • Leslie Westendorf, Senior Product Design Strategist
Last Reviewed: March 7, 2022